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We offer household classes, formal classes and advanced practice to train and prepare your dog to compete in obedience trials.  However, you do not need to be interested in competing with your dog to participate.

Our Dog Manners class provides the perfect opportunity to have fun and bond with your dog, both pure and mixed breed, while at the same time teaching him or her good behavior. Classes last for six sessions.  Please check our calendar for actual start dates!

Dogs must be at least 6 months old and you must provide proof of rabies vaccination.  Upon payment confirmation, you will receive an email from the instructor with additional details.  Please bring your rabies vaccination documentation to the first class.  You will need to have your dog on a leash for class. Bring water and a bowl for the dog and small treats that the dog likes as a reward. All dogs are welcome into our classes. Meet at the picnic tables at the south end (main entrance) of the Arena for registration at 6:30 P.M.

This class is a six week session and is designed to get your dog ready for the Novice competition ring. There will be an overview of training skills to prepare for trialing such as precision heeling, both on and off leash, including a figure eight, a recall, a sit in front, a side finish, the stand for exam, and long sit and down stays. You will learn how to train your dog to be part of a working team and to enjoy the work! Additionally, you will review AKC Obedience Trial Rules and Regulations and ring procedures.   Learn how to fill out an entry form, what a Judging Program is and what to expect at an Obedience Trial.  Competitive obedience training will provide a wonderful bonding experience with your dog as you both gain the ability and confidence to show your dog in the Novice Obedience Ring. This class is taught once or twice a year, depending on demand.

This six week class will offer the new obedience exhibitor the tools to be successful in the Obedience Ring. Learn how to fill out entry forms, what to expect at a trial, how to check in at the trial and more. This class is offered periodically depending upon demand.

Open Obedience is an advanced class of competition.  All exercises are performed off leash.  Class will teach and/or perfect the Open exercises:  off leash heeling (including the figure 8), dropping to a down on a recall, retrieving a dumbbell both on the flat and over a jump, performing the broad jump and doing two stays (3 minutes sitting and 5 minutes in a down) while the handler is out of sight. All of these exercises are broken down and taught so that the dog and handler will ultimately understand the exercises and enjoy performing them. This class if offered periodically depending upon demand.Open obedience is an advanced class of obedience. The dog needs to drop while coming towards you in a recall by either your hand signal or voice command. He must heel and do a figure eight off lead, retrieve a dumbbell over a high jump and on the flat, jump a broad jump and sit for three minutes and down for five minutes while the handler is out of sight. All of these exercises are broken down and taught with the goal in mind that the dog and handler will ultimately understand the exercises and enjoy performing them. This class is taught once a year.

Utility is an advanced class of competition that is offered once a dog and handler team have earned an Open Obedience title. Utility exercises are quite different from the exercises in Open and are typically broken down by exercise into smaller “seminars” for training. The Utility exercises include: the Signal Exercise, Scent Discrimination, Directed Retrieve (gloves), Moving Stand and Exam and Directed Jumping. These seminars are taught periodically depending upon demand.


Young puppies are very open to learning new things and we offer a fun class that helps foster their eagerness to learn and work at an early age. Puppies must be at least three months of age and we recommend they have a minimum of their second set of puppy shots. This six week class is offered upon demand, no more than two times per year.

Our classes are held on the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds (Davie)

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4201 SW 65th Ave, Davie, Florida, 33314-3433
DOCOH Phone: 954-674-9561